Technologies and materials

The advanced technology and the thirty-year experience in the industry allows us to design and build facilities to meet demands of domestic, commercial, industrial and logistics. The technical department of the Prefabricated Sgarioto always attentive to customer needs provides the necessary advice to the definition of structural mesh more 'suitable to the optimization of surfaces and costs. The design and construction of buildings with large free spans, also in presence of strong loads typical of commercial and industrial use destinations allows the rational use of spaces ensuring maximum comfort of use. The ability to interact with the customer, allows the evaluation from the beginning the actual needs and to offer the best available solutions, also depending on the intended use, and plant that will be present in the building. The structures may for example be prepared for the installation of photovoltaic systems choosing from time to time, also depending on the orientation of the building, the best solutions and the most reliable for the system life.

eurofly big sgarioto prefabbricati strutture modulari in cemento armato Sicilia
A strong attention is also paid to the design and construction of the structures in high seismic risk zones aware of the importance of a good design approach and careful implementation with reference to construction details and connections between elements.
All our products have CE marking and are designed, manufactured, and assembled in quality control regime in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 standard.