The history

The history
storia_Sgarioto-sgarioto prefabbricati strutture modulari in cemento armato Sicilia

The History of the precast Sgarioto has its genesis in Tripoli when, in 1940, the Commendatore Angelo Sgarioto founds the company.
Three years later he obtained the first patent for inventing the ceiling of reinforced concrete slabs mounted on a varese beams.
After thirty years, the events will force Libyan Angelo Sagrioto to abandon those lands and everything he had built up over time.

The outcome of the Libyan affair will be nothing but a revival, in fact in 1971 opens the Sgarioto Prefabricated in Ragusa, the first company of prefabricated in the Ragusa territory.

The background of experiences gained up to that point and increased even more in the last thirty years, provides the company the ability to deal with very complex tasks, both from the point of view of design, both as regards the management aspect and productive.

The Prefabricated Sgarioto has the great merit of having been able to retain the best workers, to have established partnerships with more than twenty years of the most experienced and, at the same time professional, he has been able to integrate new young forces, which these workers were able to inherit the wealth of experience and know-how needed to design with solid foundations, the future of the company.

Thanks to our past we are projected into the future both from a commercial point of view and from a technical-productive.

Sir Angelo Sgarioto founded the company in Tripoli
In 1943 gets the first patent for the invention of the ceiling reinforced concrete slabs mounted on a varese beams.
For the events Libyan Sir Sgarioto was forced to live the nation.
After several vicissitudes can start to Dubrovnik and became one of the first companies of prefabricated in Sicily
From this moment on the wealth of experience and know-how acquired in 50 years brings Prefabricated Sgarioto with a solid foundation in the future