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All our projects can have a very variable and different planning thanks to the versatility of our modular structures prestressed concrete. In fact Sgarioto in more than 65 years it has developed an experience to create new and innovative solutions.

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sgarioto prefabbricati strutture modulari in cemento armato Sicilia
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The preservation of property assets is constant concern for owners, investors and users of the buildings themselves. For this reason Sgarioto researches, manufactures and offers integrated products and services for permanent protection and functional improvement of walls, floors, roofs.


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“Negli anni novanta abbiamo commissionato alla Sgarioto Prefabbricati un primo capannone adibito a rimessa automezzi, soddisfatti della professionalità, della consulenza che dall’efficenza dell’opera abbiamo deciso di affidargli anche la realizzazione di un secondo capannone adibito ad officina, e oggi a lavori conclusi siamo felici di aver affidato alla Sgarioto prefabbricati questi nostri investimenti.”